Stewart-Smith Recruitment

We are Londonís leading boutique recruitment consultancy and specialise in making the perfect match between client and candidate.

About Stewart-Smith Recruitment

Stewart-Smith Recruitment is the most dynamic, unique and exciting recruitment consultants in London by far and probably in the whole of the UK. The difference is they really listen and care about people and genuinely want to help.

Charlotte Lilley

Sarah and Sunbal are by far the best recruiters with whom I have ever worked. Their pre-screening process was rigorous and meant that only the highest calibre of candidates were put forward for my consideration, consequently saving me expending unnecessary time and effort with the search. Particularly evident was their desire to ensure a good match for both parties as opposed simply to inundating me with CVs of everybody who might, however loosely, fit the criteria of the role. I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

Abbie Pugh

Finding the perfect match

We are renowned in the business for our in-depth and rigorous interview procedure, which ensures the position offered is met by a perfect match of skills and knowledge, and a harmonious balance of personalities.

How we work ¬Ľ